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Mist Fans | Misting Fan Systems

Flyban Industries is pleased to introduce Mist Fans & Misting Systems to its clients. It is a system that cools the atmosphere through the evaporation of water which is mostly used for Outdoor Cooling purpose. This cooling method is also known as evaporative or vaporization cooling. It is similar just as a humidifier. A fine quality of mist is blown from the fan into the air. If the air is not moisty or muggy, the water gets evaporated, thus captivating the heat from the air. It is just similar as an Air Cooler.

A Mist Fan/Misting System, works on the morality of vaporization cooling. It all starts with water. Special Heavy duty, high pressure water pumps produce ample amount of water pressure, to grasp a 1000 PSI area. Its tremendously fine nozzles reduces the size of the outgoing water to droplets which are in small microns which are never at all measurable. Thus, this system, generates thin mist, which gets evaporated very quickly in contact with the sunlight & ambient air.

Has the hypothetical capacity to cool air upto 50 degree.
These Fans add moisture to dry environments.
Misting Systems, eradicate the heat & humidity from the air which inreturn makes breathing simpler for people with respiratory or lung problems, on hot & dry climates.
Eliminates the air borne diseases & other dust particles from the air.
When used for Outdoor area, it avoids the Flying Insects from entering your premise.
They are energy efficient.
Power Consumption is not more than 12 amp when turned on & run less than 9 amp.
Misting Systems are great for pets, when the temperature is high outside.
Very less water consumption as low as to half a ltr per hour, each nozzle.
Our Custom made, Heavy Duty Industrial Mist Fans & Humidifers are available for larger areas.

FBIMFS1, Industrial Mist Fans Outdoor Industrial Mist Fans and Humidifier

FBIMFS2, Mist Fans Outdoor Cooling Misting System.