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Construction: Stainless Steel # 304 Non Magnetic, Matt Finish
Operation: Touch-Free Infra-Red activation
Hand Dry Time: Less than 20 seconds
Auto Cutoff: 60 Seconds
Motor: Brush Type, Dual Ball Bearings

Motor Speed: 25000 RPM
Rated Power: 550w (No Heating Element)
Current: 15A
Water Splash: IPx1
Blowing Volume: > 270m3/H
Circuit Operation Infrared Automatic, self adjusting
Sensor Range 12 cm – 15 cm
Warm Air Speed Output 95 m/s
Drip Proof IPX1
Isolation CLASS 1


  • Costs Effective – Compared to paper towels, the Euronics Hand Dryer costs 95% less to operate and represents 83% less impact on our environment.
  • Carbon Footprint – The best Hand Drying alternative for environment with 70% smaller carbon footprint than Paper Towels
  • Euronics Hand Dryer dries 8 PAIR OF HANDS in the cost of 1 Paper Towel
  • Cleanliness – Where paper towels dispensers contribute to waste paper thrown on the floor, the Euronics Jet Hand Dryer keeps a clean and sanitary environment at all times.
  • Labor Cost – Further expenses related to paper towels include having employees fill dispensers, pick up litter, empty trash bins.
  • Save Tree – It takes about 17 trees to produce a ton of paper. The environmental impact of this would include the effects of logging and paper mills on wildlife habitat, energy use, global warming, and air pollution.