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Baby Diaper Changing Stations

Baby diaper Changing Stations, & Child Care products are offered with a 1 year guarantee and are produced by keeping the international standards in mind. This product is manufactured to accommodate the needs of care givers for their children & this is what Baby Diaper Changing Table is all about.

A Baby Diaper Changing Station is a small raised platform made up of High density Polyethylene (Heavy plastic) This allows the platform to rest on hinges, so that they can be folded up on the wall, when not in use. This allows a one to change a Baby’s diaper more easily. Typically made up of HDPE, it is often said to be a part of a nursery set. The peak most surface is used to rest the baby being changed. These stations have wide applications, & originally they are mainly found in Women’s Restrooms.
Baby Diaper Changing Stations/Tables from “FLYBAN INDUSTRIES” are offered as per the following mentioned Choices.

Baby Diaper Changing Stations – Horizontal type
Baby Diaper Changing Stations – Vertical type
Baby Protection Seat – Vertical type


FBIBCS1, Baby Diaper Changing Stations (Horizontal Type)


FBIBCS2, Baby Protection Seat